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Kanchan Developers Logo

About Us

Kanchan Developers is a real estate development firm that has been gratifying customers for over 20 years and has delivered 50 lakh square feet of successfully developed projects. We believe in providing value for money and delivering projects of premium quality.

The company’s logo epitomises our ideology - we treat both our employees and our customers as a part of our family. We believe in creating homes that we ourselves would like to live in. This is why each of our projects is carefully thought of to the smallest detail - from the slope of the roads to the number and placement of switches in the houses. We believe in what we deliver.

Quality Construction

Quality stays forever. It is the only attribute that takes a brand to superfluous heights. At the heart of our company is a strong commitment to provide our clients an optimum world-class product. Our DNA is the use of world-class materials, stringent quality checks and meticulous attention to detail. Right form the time our projects are in the nascent stages, we lool into soil investigation, structural design, concrete mix, wall thickness, fixtures and finishing.

Our keen eye on detail and supreme specifications mark each project as an icon of quality construction.

Green Homes

Green building is the practice of creating structures and using procces whcih are environmentally responsible and resiurce-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle : right from design, construction, operation, maintenance to renovation. Since green is the future and we asre responsible people with responsible intention, we have taken a few initiatives like energy effiecient fittings, top-soil reuse, recycled water usage, organic waste disposal, rain water harvesting and have incorporated in all our projects to minimise our footprint.

So, Refuse. Re-use. Recycle.

Unique Location

A detailed study is undertaken before any of our proejcts are framed. The demographics and needs of the people are taken into consideration. Addressing the need of comfortable homes for a lifetime, all our developments are located inareas where people could cherish leisure of the location. Minute attention to detail is been given so that the factors like fine cultured neighborhood, transport lins, health & redeemed education facilities are all at the fingertips. It's due to our sheer perseverance of buiging the best, all our developements destine to be a landmark in their respective vicinity.

A strategic approach and garnering an understanding of your locale requirements has become our strength.

Secure Investement

In this changing world of real estate, investors need security. Kanchan Developes is one of the fre firms able to offer real estate assets in only the very best location and with a secure long-term rental income. History is evident that all our buyers are elated with their association with us. Our homes have undergone trend setting appreciation in value. Our patrons have enjoyed a fiar share of financial security over the years. We love to see out customers grow along with us.

There is much thought and planning invested into synchronising various elements to create perfect investment opportunity for you.

Iconic Design

The word "iconic" is used as an accolade for architecutre and design masterpeices that symbolically reflect the virtuosity, talent an dgenuis of their creators. Architecture can be traditioanl without felling stuffy or pompous. We show how all our projects are tasteful yet simple, with clean lines and plenty of connection to the outdoors. Large windows, crisp architecture and intelligently designed interiors makes the residents feel luxe and substantial. All the homesa re suffused in natural light and airy, with a generous amount of open spaces.

At Kanchan, we create iconic architectural designs, distinctive and striking homes that reflects the clients' aspirations and personality.

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